The women in our tribe are our joy and inspiration.

They walk into our stores and our lives so beautifully, sharing stories, lessons and opening their hearts. 
We want to celebrate how gorgeous you all are! Thank you Daksha beauties!!

“Thank you Daksha for my beautiful Bamboo Singlets and Shirts. They are so soft and delicious… I’ve been living in them! Cant wait to collect the whole rainbow.’


‘I brought a beautiful handbag from Mercy and June. The bags they sell are all different from each other so you never get two that looks the same. What I loved about these bags are they are all made from recycled leather jackets which means the leather is so soft and there are extra pockets on the side which is so good to pop your mobile phone and car keys in.

The vintage textile pieces are stunning! Some are as old as 100 years!! Also the hand-stitched bags are from a beautiful family business from northern Thailand, June and Mercy believe in supporting Artisans with a living wages and also donating money to stop sex trafficking in Cambodia. My heart was touched to know money is going to good areas. Keep up the good work Mercy and June.’


‘I was immediately attracted to the feel and the print of the Sierra Dress, very soft, lightweight and breathable, I hardly feel like I sweat in it in summer. I’m also super in love with the variety of ways I could re-design the dress with the straps! Amazing!’


‘This gorgeous magical belt has been my saving grace. Made by the hill tribe women of Thailand, it is a piece that I can relate to and feel so honored to wear. Not only does it go with everyone of my outfits, I just love the way the coins make a magical sound when I wear it. I am so very grateful for being able to meet the women (June and Mercy) that sold me this belt, something I will treasure for life and perhaps even use as a wall hanging as it becomes more antique and old looking.’


‘My olive green bamboo singlet is now like my second skin, I cant stop wearing it, its so comfortable and goes with everything I own.  I’m going to have to buy more!’